Revolutionary Technology

The unrivalled power and durability of AIE lightweight rotary engines are guaranteed through the use of revolutionary new technologies that effectively eliminate drawbacks found in many other rotary engine developments. Access to the latest discoveries from leading names in rotary engine design together with advanced manufacturing capabilities enable AIE to pass on unique benefits to their customers through patented technology as detailed below.


AIE’s patented rotary exhaust expander unit CREEV (Compound Rotary Engine for Electric Vehicles) is delivering exciting solutions for range extender and power generator applications. Now with CREEV technology, all the benefits of a high power, low weight rotary engine can be experienced with the additional advantage of significantly reduced exhaust emissions, noise and heat generation.

Rotary engines have many advantages for range extender, series hybrid (S-HEV) and power generation applications. The advantages include small form factors, low weight, low vibration and higher power density. Historically their use in these applications has been limited due to the engine’s high exhaust energy, heatand emissions (particularly at low rpm and part throttle). A Rotary engine with a rotary exhaust expander unit (CREEV) however overcomes these limitations. Firstly, by reducing overall engine noise and heat due to the expansion of the gas to near atmospheric pressure before leaving the unit. The unit then further acts as an “exhaust reactor" by continuing to consume unburned exhaust products while expansion occurs thus reducing overall emissions of HC, CO and NOx. Finally because the expansion is controlled within secondary rotor chamber the overall thermal efficiency of the engine package is also boosted by up to 20% by recouping otherwise lost exhaust energy back to the engine drive.

Noise Reduction

Concerned about the high levels of exhaust noise typically associated with rotary engine operation? With AIE patented CREEV technology, rotary engines benefit from reduced overall engine noise as exhaust gases passing through the system are released cooler and as close to atmospheric pressure as possible, generating significantly less noise.

Increased Efficiency

The CREEV exhaust expander system is a remarkable step forward in engine efficiency with its intelligent design that harnesses additional energy from exhaust emissions that would otherwise be lost. By increasing the expansion stroke of the engine through recovered unburnt fuel in exhaust gases, CREEV effectively generates more power and thermal efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions all within a lighter, compact package; making it an ideal option as a range extender for hybrid electric vehicles.

Cleaner Exhaust

Providing a unique solution for the further development of low emission vehicles, the CREEV exhaust expander unit is specifically designed to consume unburnt exhaust products while expansion occurs, resulting in lower overall emissions for a cleaner, greener experience. This environmentally friendly solution not only reduces carbon emissions but also fuel costs by recouping exhaust energy and reducing fuel consumption.